Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Wicked Tale For A Wicked Witch

  Upon watching the new film Oz The Great and Powerful I had a thought. The future "wicked witch of the west" and her evil sister had an unstoppable power, but did not fully realize their potential. Had they achieved this level of malevolence, instead of being scared by the "smoke and mirrors" of the "wizard", Oz,  they could have laid waste to all of the land of Oz.
  It all comes down to fear. The witches fear of the Great Oz was their downfall, not the true god-like powers they could wield. In the same vein, ironically, the citizens of Oz in their lack of knowledge, were prisoners to their fear of the unknown. That fear kept Ozians, as I shall call them, as unwitting slaves to their master; not the witches, but fear itself.
  What fear holds you back from your true potential? What roadblocks prevent you from being a benevolent leader? What keeps you from being a beacon of good in this world?
  Do not be a fear monger, or fear "fear itself". Rise above that fear and embrace it, while using it to fuel your glorious ambitions to rule wisely, not tyrannically like the evil witches of Oz. Only then will you achieve your true potential.
  (Check DMC Episode 111 Spring Movie Special for more information on Oz plus the many movies upcoming!


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