Thursday, November 29, 2012

Disney Star Wars- A New Hope???

  This is the question that preoccupies me the most. Will Disney mess up George Lucas' vision or will they improve upon what has been created? When I first heard the news I was astounded, as I like a great many felt a disturbance in the Force. My gut reaction was, "this is the best day of my life and the worst". There are two ways this story could play out: a reboot by Disney that destroys everything we know and love of Star Wars, or a continuation of the storyline we are familiar with for some time through the Thrawn storyline.That could prove to be a good thing or not.
  Nobody but Disney knows for sure the way this acquisition of  Lucas Films and the subsequent live action movies, Episode VII (2015), VIII (2017), and IX (2019), will play out. All we are left with is speculation, fear that the most loved series of our childhoods being destroyed by a reboot, which is the norm now, or being made better (which is highly unlikely).
  I hold out "a new hope" that Disney will do right by the source material and enhance what we already love about Star Wars and create something that looks froward without forgetting to look back.
  Disney acquired Marvel comics and the Avengers movie became the one of the biggest movies of all time. I think Disney will  treat the Star Wars universe with respect and dignity. Tweeking here and there, adding this, without subtracting that, until it makes a vision that old and new fans can enjoy for generations.
  Let us hope the Force will be with us for many years to come and that it will still be what we know and care for accordingly. The future shall tell.

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